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Open doors to new opportunities for your 2-5 year old with fun and enriching science classes to do together at home.

Build confidence

Engage with enriching learning activities

Spend quality time at home

No faff or equipment to get hold of

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Ever feel that finding activities your child enjoys is like throwing spaghetti at a wall?

Want to find those 1-2 things that get them excited?

Ever feel like you should be doing more structured "stuff" together at home?

Can't possibly find time to try every activity in your local area!

Want to give them the confidence that comes from being good at something?

Want to enjoy time at home without dashing around while they're still little?

Want to end the day feeling like you've done something productive together?

Don't have time (or enthusiasm!) to be always coming up with activity ideas of your own?

Little STEAMers convenient on-demand science classes give you engaging and enriching activities that you and your child can enjoy at home together, so they can try new things and develop new passions, and you can be assured you’re opening doors to opportunities that help them reach their potential and develop their confidence.

And with everything done for you, you don't need to prep, think of ideas or be the person injecting the fun into activities yourself. You won't even need any special equipment as we just use things you'll probably have in the house anyway.

Try now for 14 days for only £1 and see if STEM might be that bit of spaghetti that sticks for your child.

Interactive & Fun

It's not just sitting and watching! Our classes will have you jumping around, singing and answering questions to keep little brains active and engaged. 

Varied & Interesting

Each class has a physical warm up, a story, a song and three different activities to try. And with over 50 class topics to choose from, like dinosaurs, space and rainbows there's something for everyone.

Zero Faff

You won't be cutting up cardboard shapes before every class! Our classes try to use things you'll have at home anyway and you can do them anytime, anywhere. 

Teacher Approved

Our classes are designed by early years experts and used regularly in schools and nurseries. We'll show you what we're learning and how it links to their development right now.

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“As a parent I have been blown away by the quality of your classes, the way you are able to engage and inspire the children is just phenomenal and we have so many happy family memories of carrying out various science experiments at home."

 - Alice, Little STEAMers Club mum

Ready to get started with your first Little STEAMers class?

child and parent science experiment

Trial for 14 Days

Access our top 3 classes for just £1, no strings attached, to get a feel for the quality of the content, what's included and start getting excited about STEAM.

Scientist exploring with sand

Buy Another Class

Choose a class on a topic that matches your interests like the Discover Dinosaurs class where we have fun with fossils, paleontologists and skeletons too!

Scientist waving

Pick a Class Bundle

Save money by purchasing a bundle of classes, curated to give you a variety of our most popular sessions with lifetime access. They'll keep you going for months.

“It's amazing how well my son interacts with you even knowing it's not live, he answers your questions and sings along with the song just the same. 

I'd originally wanted to join a local in-person class but we couldn't find anything that suited our schedule - I'm so glad now that we did Little STEAMers instead!"

 - Suzanne S, Little STEAMers Club mum

child dressed as scientist balancing on bridge

Best Value: Join Little STEAMers Club for Unlimited Classes

Subscribe to our community of likeminded parents and:

  • Fill Your Boots With STEM - with over 50 Little STEAMers classes in one convenient place to access any time and anywhere.

  • Stay Motivated - with two featured classes a month, we'll email you reminders to do your class and anything to prep so you'll keep up the STEAM momentum.

  • Get Exclusive Content - including personalised videos, certificates in the post and grown up video content for you to learn more too.

  • Connect to Parents Passionate about STEM - share ideas, questions and advice in our Little STEAMers Club Facebook group.


Our Little STEAMers in Action

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