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Make sure you have everything you need for your budding engineer!

Try keeping your equipment in an engineering box, ready for class time.

Get in touch if you need a substitute for any of the items.

  • Pencil, rubber, sharpener

  • Colouring pencils or felts

  • Scissors & glue (optional: glue gun)

  • A4 paper

  • Tape (e.g. duct tape and/or coloured tape)

  • Cardboard (from boxes)

  • Pennies/Other Coins/Marbles to use as small weights

  • 3-4 yogurt pots, paper cups or other small containers

  • 4 paper or plastic cups

  • 2 kitchen roll tubes (or 4 toilet roll tubes)

  • Aluminium foil

  • Cling film

  • Craft sticks (approx. 100)

  • Spaghetti or paper straws

  • Skewers/pencils/straws/chopsticks (5-10)

  • Wooden or plastic spoons (1-2)

  • Cotton buds/pom poms (1-2)

  • Paper clips 

  • Elastic bands

  • Tape measure if available

  • String/Wool

  • Junk/Recycling materials (pots, boxes, containers, bottles etc.)


Little STEAMers Resources


Books we've used in our classes:

The Serious Bit....

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We choose items to recommend that are best for you because of suitability for our classes, price point and deliverability. 


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