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How much do workshops cost?

You will see the cost of each workshop under the ticket information for the session.

Holiday workshops tend to cost between £50-£65 per day.

Discounts are available as set out below.

Are there sibling or friend discounts?

Siblings or friends booking together pay a reduced price for our workshops. These prices are shown under the ticket information for each individual session.

This discount only applies to the second and subsequent children when booking together.

Are there any other discounts?

If you book more than one workshop, you receive a multi-class discount, as shown under the ticket information for each individual workshop.

Other discounts are available from time to time for early bookings, subscribers or other special events.

You may have been given a discount code which you can enter when booking your ticket.

Why is this value for money?

Your child will participate in specialised activities led by an experienced teacher in a small group of 6-12 children.

We provide all the resources and equipment used during the workshop, such as iPads, laptops, materials, electronics kits, notebooks etc. They will take home with them a hardback notebook, a certificate of attendance and often other items they have created during the day

Your child will be exposed to new disciplines that they don't have the chance to experience at school.

We understand the demands of the 21st century world and workplace and we focus on the skills, like problem solving, creativity and collaboration, that they will need to succeed.

Will you offer other pricing options in the future?

We are always looking to hear parent feedback and price plans may change. If you would like to receive updates on future workshops, fill in your details using the contact form below or Register Interest using the button at the top of this page.

Who leads the workshops?

Workshops are led by Laura Cross, a trained and experienced teacher with experience in education technology. See more information on Laura here.

What do children take home from the workshops?

All children are given an Inventors & Makers notebook at their first workshop and they also take a certificate home.

Depending on the workshop, children may also take home things they make during the day.

We always take plenty of photos and videos which we share with you to remember the day by.

What information do parents receive after the workshop?

With your consent, we use the Class Dojo app during the workshop to update you with photos, videos and comments during the course of the day. This has proved very popular with our parents.

After the workshop, we send you an email, including a short report on your child's progress.

How many children participate in each workshop?

We have a maximum of 12 children in most full-day holiday workshops. Sometimes, for certain activities the class sizes will be for a maximum of 6-9 children.

After-school classes have up to 15 children.

Contact us if you want to find out the class size for a particular workshop.

Are there breaks during the day?

Our full-day workshops include a morning and afternoon break, as well as 60 minutes for lunchtime.

Children can go outside to the school playground (weather permitting) during these times and enjoy the space and equipment there. 

We also break up the learning during the day with different activities that involve moving around the room or working with different children. We understand the importance of breaking up the day to maintain children's focus and keep them engaged.

Do you provide food?

Children should bring their own packed lunch. We will provide a drink, a piece of fruit and a snack during the day.

We collect information on allergies and dietary requirements and do our best to take these into account.

How can I contact you?

You can call on 07811 952253 or email


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