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STEM Workshops for Primary Schools

Inspiring your pupils with hands-on STEM

Get children excited about and inspired by science, technology and engineering with our expert-led, hands-on STEM workshops from £193 for all of EYFS-Y6.

Designed to fit in with your curriculum, our workshops strengthen pupils' grasp of core concepts, setting them up for a lifetime of success in STEM.

“It was wonderful having the Inventors & Makers workshops in our school. The kids absolutely loved them.

Sometimes when external companies come in you worry that the kids won't be fully engaged by them as they aren't necessarily 'natural teachers'. However, having Susie who has worked as a teacher before, she knew exactly how to hook them. The pupils absolutely loved it."

 - Miss Kershaw, Spinfield Primary

Why Choose an Inventors and Makers Workshop?

Tailored to Your School

Choose an in-person or self-led session that suits your budget. Plus, tell us what you're learning, and our qualified teachers will weave these topics into their workshops.

Boost Pupil Progress

Help your pupils improve attainment in every subject - research shows that taking part in engineering activities improves outcomes across the curriculum.

Expert Led

Our qualified and experienced primary teachers know how to connect teaching to the curriculum, and deliver workshops that inspire and engage.

Easy Set Up

We do all the hard work for you! Booking is quick and simple, and prep time and resourcing for both in-person and virtual workshops is minimal.

Our Workshops

Our workshops are designed to teach key STEM concepts through inspiring and engaging hands-on activities as pupils also develop skills in team work and problem solving.

British Science Week 2024: Space & Time

For EYFS, KS1 & KS2, online or in-person

EYFS: We go on an adventure to the Moon, exploring practical activities, songs, movement and a story. 

KS1 & KS2: We learn about mankind's engineering journey into space over time as we track space travel from the science and engineering of the first blast off, through the engineering behind the Moon landings, and right up to recent robotic explorations of Mars.


Engineering & Structures

For EYFS, KS1 & KS2, online or in-person

We learn about some of the world's best known structures and the engineers who designed them.

We then use engineering principles to complete hands-on challenges that get us building structures like towers and bridges.


Invention & Design

For KS1 & KS2, online or in-person

We learn about how inventions solve our trickiest problems, and some famous (and not so famous) inventors.

Then, we use the design thinking process to create an invention that solves a real world problem ourselves!

This can also be extended into a patent and copyright design focussed workshop.


Coding Unplugged

For EYFS, KS1 & KS2, online or in-person

In our workshop for EYFS we learn about logic, sequencing and directional coding using offline practical activities, songs, movement and story. 

For KS1 and KS2 we learn about human connectivity through history from cyphers to binary code and UKS2 even extend to learning about how encryption works.


Engineering & Machines

For EYFS, KS1 & KS2, online or in-person

We learn about engineering, machines and the six simple machines.

We then build and test different machines including levers, pulleys, inclined planes and compound machines like winches.



Video Game Design

For UKS2, in-person only

We learn about what video game designers do and the vocabulary they use.

We then use drag and drop software to create different kinds of video games like ball & paddle and maze games.

* iPads are needed for this workshop

Coding & Robotics

For KS1 & KS2, in-person only

We learn about coding and the function of different robots before building and programming our own.

In KS1 we write simple directional code to move robots and we can adapt this to reflect your pupils' previous experience and knowledge.

In KS2 we write code for different real world purposes such as creating a game or navigating a Moon Lander to solve a variety of problems.

*For safeguarding, we ask that school provide their own laptops to use with our robotics equipment

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Other Early Years Themes

For EYFS, online or in-person

Our Little STEAMers workshops and classes cover a range of topics such as space, engineering, coding, water, the human body, life cycles and more. 

EYFS Workshops:

“The workshops were fantastic.


They were age appropriate, engaging and very well resourced and organised, with clear learning outcomes.


It was lovely for the children to experience something different and they’ve both raised the profile of science and enthused teachers to plan more practical lessons.”

 - Mrs Clark, Headteacher Rougham Primary

Having Inventors & Makers into school was wonderful! There is always seamless booking and communication before the day.


In the workshops the children were all fully engaged with well-planned, age-appropriate content with a mix of teacher led and group work.


The leader had great classroom management skills so the teachers could all learn and enjoy the sessions too.

 - Mrs McWeeney, Head of Science

Ready to host a workshop?

What to Expect

Our 50-90 minutes workshops, which can also be extended to half or full days, are designed for up to 30 pupils at a time*.

Prices start from £59 for self-led workshops and from £499 per day for in-person workshops, depending on the workshop content, your location, and the time of year.

Every workshop also includes:

  • Teacher information sheets for your planning evidence

  • Parent information sheets to demonstrate your school's commitment to STEM

  • Display materials to bring concepts to life and raise the profile of STEM in your school

*30-minute microworkshops can also be arranged on request.

“Our staff were all really impressed with the knowledge and content of the activities as well as the behaviour management and pedagogical understanding of the person delivering.


All of the children were engaged and really enjoyed the workshops - which lent themselves really well to our topics and gave the children and staff lots of ideas and understanding to be built upon in later lessons.”


 - Mrs Buttgieg, D&T Lead Fosters Primary School

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We always put children first
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  • All of our class leaders are qualified and experienced teachers.

  • Our leaders always have an enhanced DBS (criminal record) check and paediatric first aid training.

  • All classes are fully insured and a risk assessment is carried out prior to each in-person session.

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