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About Inventors & Makers Workshops

We don’t know what the jobs of the future will be, but we do know our children will need to be flexible, adaptable and creative problem solvers. Inventors and Makers workshops focus on developing these future-proofing 21st century skills (see more below).

In small classes, children are given the support and time to invent, make and collaborate, while being exposed to the tools and resources of the 21st century: for example designing their own app, creating their own short films, building a simple machine, or programming a robot.

The topics of the classes are intentionally broad to encourage flexibility and adaptability, whilst also exposing children to a range of new and interesting skills.

Our after-school and holiday classes currently run for years 1-6, but our home ed and bespoke workshops can be run for a wider age range.


21st Century Skills

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Our workshops promote critical thinking and problem solving by encouraging children to confront problems and develop their own solutions. For example, when children get stuck on something, we encourage them to think through the problem and we work with them to find their own solution.

Creativity & Innovation

Our workshops spark creativity and innovation by giving children the freedom and time to explore new ideas and use their imaginations. For example, children are often asked to come up with their own inventions to solve problems they're familiar with.

Collaboration & Communication

Our workshops encourage collaboration and communication as children work with different groups to solve problems together. For example, we build specific activities into the day to explore effective communication and collaboration and these skills are explicitly discussed.


Laura Cross

Founder & Class Leader

Laura is a qualified teacher with experience working at Ofsted-Outstanding rated primary schools across London. She lives locally in Ealing.

She graduated from Oxford University and spent several years working as a solicitor at a City law firm, before she found her true calling in education. 

Recently, she spent three years leading curriculum development at an education technology company in California's Silicon Valley. There she saw, up close, the importance of 21st century skills, as well as technology and media literacy for today's children.

She has a passion for learning and education, and in particular for how we can best prepare children for the skills they will need for life and for work in the 21st century.  

Enhanced DBS, pediatric first aid certificate, qualified teacher, member of Out of School Alliance, fully insured.


Inventors & Makers' founder, Laura Cross, speaks about education for the 21st-century workplace with the Startup Van.



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