Join Little STEAMers Club

​Little STEAMers Club includes:

  • A year's worth of on-demand classes to watch any time

  • Option to attend a new live class twice a month

  • Ever-growing back catalogue of on-demand classes

  • Short activity videos for when you can't do a whole class

  • Exclusive bonus content to use with each topic (worksheets, extra ideas, instructions)

  • Access to our members community to share ideas

  • All children in your household for one membership price

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The 'Love to Learn' Promise

Concerned about finding the time?

The on-demand classes and 5-minute activity videos mean you can fit in learning around your own busy schedule.

Worried you'll need to spend time preparing for classes?

The toys and resources we use in class are ones you're likely to have at home anyway (e.g. blocks, paints, play dough).

Wondering if your child will enjoy the classes?

Twice a month we explore a new topic with brand new activities, meaning there's plenty of variety. Plus with Little STEAMers Club you can choose from 50 fun topics based on your child's interests. Try out your first class for free to get a taste.

Cautious about screen time?

Research has shown that active and interactive screen time can actually be educationally beneficial for children over the age of 2. Read more on the blog.

Got changes coming up?

I want Little STEAMers to work for you and bring you a happy learning experience together. If things change you can cancel your membership any time and there's no minimum sign up period.


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