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Little STEAMers Club for ages 2-5

The Benefits of Little STEAMers for Your Child


It's never too early to get children developing their understanding of the world around them.


Toddlers, preschoolers and Reception aged children are naturally inquisitive and learn about their surroundings through play. Little STEAMers classes are specially designed by early years specialist teachers to follow this natural curiosity by creating authentic developmental experiences through explorative play.

Our topics cover a range of themes from science, technology, engineering, art and maths (STEAM) using story-telling, singing, movement and demonstrations. 

Our classes are for parents too as we provide you with the ideas and inspiration to encourage your child's curiosity through explorative play even after the class has finished. With each week that passes you become more confident in how to teach your child using your own resources.

The classes and activities are specially designed to be joined online from the comfort of your own home. Children in the early years can play and learn more confidently in a familiar home environment. Not only does this give more flexibility to our Little STEAMers families, but it allows you to have quality time playing together at home for as long as your child is engaged in the activities or even in the following days.

We often get asked how the classes can work for 2 year olds and 5 year olds. The open-ended nature of Little STEAMers activities means that children will naturally explore at their own level.

  • A just turned 2 year old may focus for a portion of the class at first and try just one of the activities. Over time their focus will increase and they'll have been picking up things from every class.

  • 5 year olds are more likely to focus on the class in full and try 2-3 of the activities, perhaps taking them in their own direction.

We even have 6 year olds in Little STEAMers Club so there's no real upper age limit if children are still enjoying the classes. 

To find out more, read about the educational and developmental expectations and outcomes of our classes by age.

Read more about STEAM in the early years on our blog.

When you sign up to Little STEAMers Club, you get access to:

  • More than 50 on-demand classes to join any time.

  • The option to attend seasonal live and interactive classes.

  • A parent information sheet with follow up ideas for each topic and information on your child's learning and development.

  • Exclusive bonus content to use after each class, such as worksheets, tables or extra ideas.

  • Short activity videos for when you don't have time for a whole class.

  • All children in your household for one membership price.

Little STEAMers Club

A year's worth of online classes. 

Exclusive bonus content.

£19/month. Cancel anytime.

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