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Second for STEM!

When you think of children's activities and clubs, chances are your mind goes to sports, drama or music. Well you wouldn't be far off the mark as these types of activities do make up the majority of clubs and classes on offer out there.

However, Inventors & Makers was proud to fly the flag for STEM at the What's On 4 Kids Awards 2020 last week.

We'd been nominated in the Most Loved New Activity category. Unlike most of the other categories, this one isn't limited by size of business, location or type of activity. Basically it's open to any activity providers in the UK who've been running less than two years.

It's also decided by votes and with only a year under our belt pre-COVID, I wasn't super optimistic about our chances. But our amazing parents had been voting for us in droves (thank you SO much!) and I did a little dance for joy when we came in Highly Commended - second place. This photo is of me just before the little dance for joy....

I really believe in the importance of making STEM learning fun and accessible to children from as young as possible. This is the only way we can get more girls, more diversity and more people in general into these important fields.

The STEM fields have the potential to change our world for the better, and wouldn't we all like to see some of that kind of change right now?

Anyway, that's my earnest Oscar acceptance speech over with. I know I'd personally love to think of my children having the potential to make the world a better place though, wouldn't you?


You can try out a Little STEAMers class for 2-5 year olds for free here.

For primary aged children, our Inventors & Makers workshops run in schools and in after-school clubs. Find out more here.

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