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Engineer Academy - Boats (School Years 1-6)

In this fun and interactive on-demand class children explore the basics of engineering and building boats and the science behind it, with practical tasks and activities. Suitable for school years 1-6.

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This is a specially recorded one-off class to explore the basics of engineering boats and the science behind it, with practical tasks and activities. 

The explorative and open-ended nature of this class means it is suitable for children in school years 1-6, though children in years 1-2 will require an adult with them to do the class.

The class is specially recorded to be as interactive as possible and we tell you the places to pause to complete the activities. Children who had attended our live classes during the summer and then trialled this class reported that this class worked even better than a live class for them as they could do it in their own time and pause to spend longer on activities when they wanted to.

The class can take around 1 hour to complete if time is spent on all of the activities.


  • A device with sufficient internet speed for video
  • You'll need: aluminium foil, 25 pennies or other coins, 4 paper cups or yogurt pots, 10 straws/pencils/wooden skewers, cling film, tape and scissors. All materials should be easily available online or from Pound stores. If there are any items you can't get hold of, please let us know so we can suggest alternatives


  • Parent Information Sheet about what we cover
  • Pupil Worksheet (optional to complete)

Class Teacher:

This class is taught by Laura Cross. Find out more about Laura at

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