• Laura

Science Is For Life, Not Just For Christmas

Confession: I don't think I ever had a science related Christmas present growing up. Did you?

Science was a subject at school, not something fun to do at home.

But brilliantly, there are now so many STEM products on the market, it's hard to know where to begin if you've got a little one who loves to explore.

Here's my take on a few science products you might be considering this Christmas...

STEM Subscription Boxes

In the past our family have tried Koala Crates from KiwiCo. These are the boxes for the youngest children, but they have lots of boxes for older children too.

They're really great to have something to do once a month. We enjoyed them for several months and learnt a lot too. In the end we unsubscribed because we just weren't keeping up with the number we were receiving and had so much stuff from them around the house.


  • Learn about something different every month

  • Good quality and varied contents

  • Box contents tied together with a story and pictures to aid learning


  • We ended up with more and more things each month to find a home for

  • Quite a lot of the activities for younger children required an adult to do, so there was a lot of watching

  • The activities weren't very open-ended so while you end up with something that looks nice, the activities weren't particularly educational in themselves for the early years

Price: Koala Crates for 0-4 year olds £14.99 a month

Ages: 0 - adult

Science Lab Kits

Some of the more popular kits on the market are those by Galt. I've bought several of these for friends' children as I've kind of made giving science presents my thing.

They're nicely packaged to work even for the least sciencey of parents and don't hold any sort of long term commitment.


  • Lots of interesting science with everything you need included

  • Experiments you'd struggle to do at home normally

  • Make science an exciting event


  • More of a one-off event so no extended learning

  • Harder for younger children to do the experiments themselves without a lot of help

  • Not very open-ended so less educational in the early years where learning happens through child-led exploration and repetition

Price: £13-£18 per kit

Ages: 5+