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My children attended the 2 day Video Game Design workshop and absolutely loved it!  They said it was so much better than most of the other holiday camps they'd been on and were extremely enthusiastic about it and can't wait to go on another course! The class leader is also really good at making sure you as a parent feel involved in what they're doing with photos etc... I'd highly recommend these courses!

S. Curtis, parent

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Problem Solving

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What to Expect

In this workshop, children learn about the skills required for effective game design and try their hands at designing several different types of video games using iPad or iPhone software, but without needing to code.


The workshop is split between time on iPads/iPhones and other non-screen activities. We go through the skills and understanding required by real game designers. Children learn about game environments and systems, the need for clear rules and objectives, and how games are programmed. 

By the end of the workshops, they will have learnt lots of new skills and vocabulary and created different types of video games. 

Upcoming Workshops

Upcoming Workshops

Our Game Designers in Action

  • Video Game Design 2-Day Camp (Y3-Y6)
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    Mon, 27 Jul
    Online Event
    27 Jul 2020, 13:30 – 28 Jul 2020, 15:00
    Online Event
    An interactive online summer camp where children learn about the principles and vocabulary of video game design and build their own games. The camp takes places over two 90-minute sessions. iPads or iPhones are required.
  • Virtual Video Game Design (school years 3-6)
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    Tue, 16 Jun
    Online Event
    16 Jun 2020, 15:10 – 16:00
    Online Event
    In this two-week course, we introduce the principles and vocabulary of video game design and build our own games. iPads or iPhones are required.

S. Grewal - parent

My son came home fizzing with excitement. He said he'd had a brilliant time and from all his chatting I could see he had learnt a lot too. We can't wait for more courses. Highly recommended!!

What Parents are saying

N. Oberoi - parent

The workshop was 7 hours long so I was expecting to pick up a very exhausted boy but instead, he came out beaming, chatting all the way back about what they'd done in the class. Brilliant!

(Hoop - 5 stars)