Robot Design 

Design, build and program robots

"The workshop was 7 hours long so I was expecting to pick up a very exhausted boy but instead, he came out beaming, chatting all the way back about what they'd done in the class. Brilliant!"

N. Oberoi, parent

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Problem Solving

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What to Expect

We start the day by learning about what robots are, where robots are used around us and their impact on our lives.

Children get to exercise their creativity as they design their own dream robots.

We then move on to building and programming robots to complete lunar lander challenges. As children build, they learn about electronics, inputs and outputs, sensors and writing code.

This workshop involves a great deal of problem solving as children learn to code their robots through problems they encounter.

Upcoming Workshops

There are no upcoming robot design workshops.


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Our Robot Designers in Action

F. Sandford - parent

An absolutely brilliant holiday workshop. Really worth the price as it's high value and something both my children (9-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy) got heaps from. Much more than just another 'childcare holiday camp' They played games, did lots of group work, made mini-documentaries that we got to keep a copy of, have taught me lots of filming tricks since!

S. Grewal - parent

My son came home fizzing with excitement. He said he'd had a brilliant time and from all his chatting I could see he had learnt a lot too. We can't wait for more courses. Highly recommended!!

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