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A. Odhavji, parent

A brilliant and much-needed concept for young children to explore their creative genius!


I just wish this was part of school life for all children.

S. Grewal, parent

My son came home fizzing with excitement. He said he'd had a brilliant time and from all his chatting I could see he had learnt a lot too.


We can't wait for more courses. Highly recommended!!

N. Fenn - Little STEAMers parent

What a brilliant class! Lots of variety to keep my 3.5 years old engaged throughout and he was so excited to become a mini scientist all dressed up in goggles to boot!

A great combo of scientific experimentation, fun and craft with stories and singing too.

Great space, great teacher and great session - we'll be back! Thank you! (Hoop - 5 stars)

F. Sandford - parent

An absolutely brilliant holiday workshop. Really worth the price as it's high value and something both my children (9-year-old girl and 7-year-old boy) got heaps from. Much more than just another 'childcare holiday camp' They played games, did lots of group work, made mini-documentaries that we got to keep a copy of, have taught me lots of filming tricks since!

They both made new friends, did activities and had break times outside in the large playground so had plenty of outdoor time too. It inspired them and taught them lots of new skills - and they can't wait to do another Inventors & Makers course. They've tried to get us to cancel our plans for half-term as they want to do this again instead!! Also, as a working mum, the hours worked much better than many other holiday clubs too and you can even have wrap around care if you need an extended day. Worth every penny. Highly recommended!

S. Pieroux - parent

I asked my two boys what they thought of the App Building One Day class.

“It’s the most amazing holiday club I’ve ever done!”

“It’s very exciting, it was great, they couldn’t improve on it! It’s perfect! So many things packed into one session - it’s great!”


As their mum, I was really impressed by the app they built in one day. It’s opened up new possibilities and understanding for my boys.


My husband, who saw a bit of the action at pick up, said Laura was very good and “had them eating out of her hand”!

We will definitely return. Thank you! 

Anonymous - parent

I liked the updates I received during the day. It was really helpful to have something to talk to my son about later.

N. Oberoi - parent

The workshop was 7 hours long so I was expecting to pick up a very exhausted boy but instead, he came out beaming, chatting all the way back about what they'd done in the class. Brilliant! (Hoop - 5 stars)

F. Ali - parent

My girls enjoyed the app design workshop so much so they insisted on the 2 day workshop in the future. Sessions are well organised and engaging to all abilities. Children come out of the session full of confidence and pride in what they have achieved. (Google - 5 stars)

K. O'Neill - parent

My daughter really enjoyed the mini makers workshop, she learnt a lot and found it very inspiring. It was great to be able to follow her day on the app too

G. Breakell - Little STEAMers parent

Thank you so much for a fantastic workshop. My son and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This evening he wanted to sink his bath toys. It’s lovely to see him so inspired.

Anonymous - home ed group parent

Well prepared, the class leader was approachable and easy-going with the children, the fact that they all seemed to participate enthusiastically was lovely to see and no mean feat!

Anonymous - parent

Our daughter had a really wonderful time doing something different, being creative and developing problem-solving skills in a fun and engaging way. Will definitely be booking her in again!

Jenny - parent

My 5 year old was utterly thrilled and fulfilled by his day long summer course. He learned lots about being an inventor and came home with tonnes of things he’s proud of having made.


Really fired up his wild imagination and love of designing and creating. Would definitely do it again. I was thrilled with both the class size and also use of dojo to track his progress and see photos. Felt good value. (Hoop - 5 stars)

R. Bowdler - parent

My daughter attended one of the 5-7 year old summer time workshops that Laura organised. She returned full of beans that day saying that she had an amazing time and wanted to work on building a robot!
I was extremely impressed with Laura’s professionalism and ability and aptitude in running these workshops and I would highly recommend these workshops for enabling your children to work on something that requires them to work in a team, think laterally, and creatively. (Hoop - 5 stars)

Anonymous - parent

Lovely to have small group size with individual attention.

Feedback via class dojo was great as kids don't always pass on details of what they've done! Really pleased to find something local that isn't a sports camp.

My children both enjoyed it & would happily go again.

E. Devendra - parent

Wonderful summer workshop. My 10 year old son attended Invention & Machine Making. Great fun experience to work on creativity, working in teams, building & making science fun. (Hoop - 5 stars)

E. Lutz - parent

My son attended a one day class at half term. He had lots of fun thinking of an invention which would help astronauts and then designing it. (Hoop - 5 stars)

L. Davison - parent

Creative & innovative course-keeps the kids engaged & entertained Very impressed with what they achieved in 2 days. (Hoop - 5 stars)

T. Otsu - parent

My daughter was so excited and talked a lot about how she worked on each project with friends. She’s saying she’d like to come back again next half term!