App Design

Learn to design and prototype basic mobile apps 

My daughter attended the app workshop and throughly enjoyed the experience and said it was the best holiday workshop she'd been to. At pick up time she was highly enthusiastic, completely engaged and proud of the accomplishment with the app. As a parent it is so nice to see not only is your child having fun but also learning and being very productive. Fantastic class - thank you again!

N. Narayan, parent

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Problem Solving

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What to Expect

In this workshop, children learn about flow and navigation in apps and then design simple apps of their own. They design each screen for their app and then use simple iPad software to link them together into a useable app without the need to code.

Children exercise their creativity as they create the content, design and navigation of their apps. 

By the end of the workshop, children will have an understanding of how app designers actually go about creating apps, including the vocabulary they use. 

Upcoming Workshops

  • App Design 2-Day Camp (Y3-Y6)
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    Mon, 10 Aug
    Online Event
    10 Aug 2020, 13:30 – 11 Aug 2020, 15:00
    Online Event
    An interactive online summer camp where children learn about the principles and vocabulary of app design and design their own apps without needing to code. The camp takes places over two 90-minute sessions. Phones or tablets are required.
  • App Building (School Years 3-6) - Week 1
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    Thu, 09 Apr
    Online Class
    09 Apr 2020, 13:00 – 15:00
    Online Class
    A fun, interactive online workshop where children in school years 3-6 learn about the app design process and how to design basic apps, without needing to code.

Our App Designers in Action

F. Ali - parent

My daughters enjoyed the app design workshop so much so they insisted on the 2 day workshop in the future. Sessions are well organized and engaging to all abilities. Children come out of the session full of confidence and pride in what they have achieved.

N. Oberoi - parent

The workshop was 7 hours long so I was expecting to pick up a very exhausted boy but instead, he came out beaming, chatting all the way back about what they'd done in the class. Brilliant!

(Hoop - 5 stars)

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